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All donations to Equality Utah Foundation (c3) are tax-deductible. Please consult your tax expert for details.

Capitol Club

As a Capitol Club member you represent a group of individuals who are shaping the work that Equality Utah Foundation does in important ways. Your recurring membership in the Capitol Club provides Equality Utah Foundation with a steady source of income that not only helps to build long lasting, far reaching, LGBTQ programs but also develops new and exciting programs for the future.

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Action Network

Your recurring membership in Equality Utah Foundation's Action Network provides the steady income needed to build long lasting, far reaching, programs bringing LGBTQ issues to every community in Utah.

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One-Time Donation

Your gift to Equality Utah Foundation, our 501(c)3 organization, assists us with our community education efforts. These programs focus on the issues impacting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Utahns.

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Donate via Donor Advised Fund

DAF Direct allows donors such as yourself to recommend grants from your donor–advised fund directly from our website. Neither you nor the Equality Utah Foundation will incur any download or transaction fees. This simple service makes using your donor-advised fund to contribute to Equality Utah Foundation even easier.

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